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Just Think Local is all about “local people” supporting” local business”

Supporting independent businesses is essentially voting with your pounds for a healthy local economy, as they recycle a much larger amount of their revenue back into the local economy,

  1.  Why are local independents so important to the local economy?

Independent businesses are more accountable to customers and the local community, they ensure the unique character of an area, they are more likely to support local charities and have greater direct control over the environmental impact of their businesses. Supporting independent businesses creates local jobs, preserves economic diversity and safeguards the environment.

     2. Why is it important to support local independent retailers?

Did you know that the purchase of locally produced food puts as much as 4 to 6 times more money back into the local economy than imported foods?
Essentially, you vote with your pounds to support your own local jobs and public services when you buy local first.

    3. Money flowing round the local economy : How does this work?

Money spent at locally owned independent businesses goes around longer in the local economy. Local business people pay for all kinds of local services, spend their profits and pay taxes locally, this yields two to four times the economic benefit to you, the local resident, as comparable non-local businesses. This means more local income, wealth, and jobs.

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